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Mother’s Day and Yard Sale This Weekend; Block Party Next

But first a word from MARTIN Z. MOLLUSK: If today is Wednesday, May 4; then tomorrow will be Thursday, May 5... which is, you guessed it! The 37th annual Martin Z. Mollusk Day. Martin is over 100 in Hermit Crab years. He has arthritis in two claws and sometimes forgets to take his meds. But that will not stop him from creeping on to the 9th St. Beach on Thurs., May 5 at 11 a.m. in an attempt to see his shadow. If he sees it, summer will come one week early to Ocean City much to the joy of visitors, merchants and the general populace. There is much good natured Hoopla in store for the audience. Martin will receive a physical check up prior to his creep, the Ocean City Band will... Read More

Martin Z. Mollusk Creeps Again on May 5th; Ted Prior News

Because of his advanced age, MARTIN Z. MOLLUSK will receive a comprehensive physical check up prior to his annual creep on May 5th at the 9th St. Beach at 11 a.m. His blood pressure, vital signs and shell will be tested by Dr.Ernest Frankenstein assisted by two nurses. The testing has been ordered by NASCRAB, the National Association of Crab Activities at the Beach. This is the same organization that sanctions all Ocean City crab activities including the Miss Crustacean Hermit Crab Beauty Pageant and Hermit Crab Races. “Martin is over 100 in Hermit Crab years,” notes Mark Soifer, NASCRAB Chairman, Martin’s spiritual advisor and chef and City Public Relations Director. “We don’t want to put him under too much stress. It would be bad publicity if he expired at the beach.” But not to... Read More


Despite the weather, we were able to sandwich in the Doo Dah Parade between a morning drizzle and late afternoon rain storm. (Thank you Dean Schofield.) It was a windy event, to say the least but that didn’t stop the marchers or affect the enthusiasm of our PieAscoites who plastered each other in front of the Music Pier as a tribute to Soupy Sales. Meadowlark Lemon was a gracious grand marshal. He was accompanied in the Parade by a band playing Sweet Georgia Brown, the theme song of Meadowlark’s Harlem Globe Trotters. Meadowlark ended the day at the Tabernacle Youth Center where he presented an inspirational talk to a mixed audience of children and adults. He concluded his talk on the Youth Center basketball court where he demonstrated some of the finer... Read More

Meadowlark Lemon leads Doo Dah Saturday after Basset Olympics, Comedy Revue Friday

Meadowlark Lemon, the legendary Clown Prince of Basketball, famous for his skill and humor as a member of the Harlem Globe Trotters, will be grand marshal of the City’s 26th Annual Doo Dah Parade on Saturday. Meadowlark traveled over 5 million miles and participated in more than 16,000 basketball games in 100 countries as a 25 year member of the Globe Trotters. He was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2003 and received the NBA Lifetime Achievement- Jim Bunn Award in 2,000. He is also a member of the International Clown Hall of Fame, a tribute to his comedic talents. At 78, Meadowlark still plays basketball with his own team, has a ministry and is active in numerous charitable organizations. He is frequently in movies and on television. Just three... Read More

The Orgins and Development of the Doo Dah-Earth Day Weekend

Over the past 26 years, the Doo Dah Parade has expanded into a Weekend Celebration of Mirth and Earth. What began as a take-off on California’s spoof of the Rose Bowl with unusual brigades has developed into a unique celebration of humor available only in Ocean City. One element that has added to the event is the honoring of legendary comedians who serve as grand marshals in the Parade and appear in a comedy show. These have included Carol Channing, Mickey Rooney, Soupy Sales, Edie Adams, Bill Dana, Larry Storch, Shelly Berman, Dr. Irwin Corey, Charlie Callas, Zacherly, Frank Gorshen, Joe Franklin, Jay North (Dennis the Menace) and this year the Clown Prince of Basketball and America’s Ambassador to the World, Meadowlark Lemon. We also honored W.C. Fields, Abbott and Costello and... Read More

Easter Weekend, Doo Dah-Earth Day Events in Ocean City

This year our Doo Dah-Earth Day Weekend comes before EASTER WEEKEND. Here's a rundown on what to expect. Ocean City Easter events kick-off with a fashion competition for pets. Events begin on Sat., April 23 at 11 a.m. with the Woofin’ Paws Pet Fashion Show at Carey Stadium, 6th St. off Boardwalk. The contest is open to any pet that will not eat another pet. Categories include Best Dressed Dog, Cat, Miscellaneous, Bathing Suits, Intelligent Pet Tricks, Most Patriotic, Best Bonnet, Cutest Tail Wagger and Pet-Owner Look Alike. Ribbons will be awarded. Best of Show receives the Dean Schofield Woofin’ Paws Plaque for Perfection. A $5 entry fee for individual pets and a $10 fee for multiple entries (no limit) benefits the Ocean City Humane Society. Register for the contest at the field starting... Read More

Earth Day Program Moved to City Hall Annex During Parade

The City's EARTH DAY CELEBRATION has been moved to the City Hall Annex Parking Lot, 901 Asbury Ave. The date has been changed to Sat., April 16th so that attendees can also enjoy the City’s 26th Annual Doo Dah Parade that will roll by the Annex Parking Lot at noon time. The Earth Day program will be held from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. before, during and after the Parade. It will include environmental displays, Green Giveaways, Children’s activities and entertainment. There is one other change in the Doo Dah Weekend Schedule. The HUMOR PROGRAM featuring internationally acclaimed humorists, Dr. Joel Goodman and Margie Ingram has been moved to the Ocean City Library, 17th and Simpson Ave. on Fri., April 15 at 2 p.m. Admission if free thanks to a grant from the Ocean City Free... Read More

OCIS4ME, O2BNOC-2, OCDRMN, AHHOC: 23 License Plate Winners Announced

Ocean City's License Plate contest attracted an array of entries. Judges selected those they considered the 23 best. These were divided into two categories, Ocean City Promotional and Ocean City Affection. Winners and Runners Up have been named in both categories. The Winners in each category will receive framed plaques and the Runners Up, Certificates of Appreciation. The majority of entries were by email and many did not give hometown addresses. These winners will be notified by email. Many of those who entered told stories of visiting Ocean City for years, then eventually buying second homes or permanent residences because they loved the community so much. We’d like to thank all who entered the contest. We appreciate your interest and affection for Ocean City. WINNERS (Hometowns are listed if provided) Ocean City Promotional: O2BNOC-2, Jane French... Read More


In a quieter time, before World War II, we would chase the ice truck down Kerlin Street on steamy, August afternoons. When the truck stopped for a delivery, the driver would let us grab the small pieces of ice that littered the soaked floor boards of his well, worn vehicle. That ice belonged to us. There was never a question about it. It was the Diamond Ice and Coal Company’s contribution to the youth of the neighborhood. We would suck the cold chunks as they melted in our hands. It a good way to cool off and it was fun. There was even a competitive aspect. The kid who grabbed the largest chunk of ice was considered the winner of a make believe contest. We all understood that without speaking a word. There... Read More