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Arlo Guthrie Concert Will Rekindle the Spirit of Woody

Producer Bob Rose has just released the names of two more shows for the City’s summer concert series. The current line-up now includes The Bacon Brothers (July 9), Arlo Guthrie and Family (July 16) Get the Led Out, America’s Led Zeppelin (July 23) the Charlie Thomas Drifters (July 30) Little Feat (August 20) and Mitch Ryder (August 27).  Additional shows will be announced at a later date. All programs are on Monday starting 8 p.m. at the Music Pier. Tickets are available at All of these concerts are outstanding, but the most meaningful for me will be Arlo Guthrie’s concert that will include Arlo’s children and members of the family. Arlo is the son of Woody Guthrie, the great American songwriter and political activist who died at an early age... Read More

The Return of Joey Eulo, Plus Eventful Events – By Mark Soifer, Ocean City Publicist

Forty years ago, when I first became Public Relation Director of Ocean City, a young boy, maybe 9 years old, would wander into our office looking for errands to run. We knew only that his name was Joey. It was obvious that Joey wasn’t well cared for. So Agnes Cox, who worked with me at the time, and I would pay him to go on errands, bought him a winter coat, a new pair of shoes and tried to help as much as we could. Joey had street smarts. He earned extra money carrying packages for ladies at the supermarket and by pestering local merchants for small jobs. We later learned that he was quite adept at dodging the truant officer. He had hideouts under the boardwalk. Eventually Joey stopped visiting our office.... Read More

Dick Richards, Ocean City Resident, Named To Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame

Ocean City resident, Dick Richards, will be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio on Sat. April, 14th. Richards will be honored along with other original members of Bill Haley’s Comets, the talented musicians led by Haley who jump started Rock ‘n Roll, with Rock Around the Clock and Shake, Rattle and Roll. Rock Around the Clock sold 25 million copies, an unprecedented number of records for the time. Haley’s group toured the nation and the world with future Super Stars like Elvis Presley opening for the band. Following Haley’s premature death and the break-up of the band, Dick Richards, AKA Dick Boccelli, played with spin-offs of the Comets and also enjoyed a successful acting career on Broadway and in the movies. Now 88, the durable drummer is... Read More

Soupy Sale’s Famous Prank to be Duplicated for Doo Dah

On New Year's Day, Jan.1, 1962, famed comedian Soupy Sales was wrapping up his popular Children's TV show when the program's producer gave him the signal to improvise. In those days, the syndicated program was presented live, there was no videotaping. Nothing was edited or sanitized. What you saw was went over the airways. What followed that New Year's morning were a few moments of impish improvisation that made television history. Soupy, realized that the majority of his fan's parents were still asleep. So he advised his TV charges, most of whom were too young to read or write, to check out their parents' wallets, find a picture of an old man on green paper, and to mail it to him. He gave no address. What followed was a flurry of Monopoly and... Read More