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Memorial Day Weekend Events in Ocean City

(Fri., May 25) UNLOCKING OF THE OCEAN! Mayor Jay Gillian will turn a key in the sand as various dignitaries, lifeguards and bathers look on. The purpose? To unlock the ocean for another season. This is a ritual that many shore resorts have repeated for decades. But this year something new will be added inOceanCity. Think about it. Who benefits the most when the ocean is unlocked? Hmmmm! Why the fish of course! Now they can swim here legitimately without fear of getting ticketed. It is a time of great rejoicing for our finny friends! They plan to show their appreciation by sending three fishy emissaries to thank the City. Bring your camera. The emissaries have promised to pose for photos. TIME:Noon, PLACE: Moorlyn Terrace Beach, opposite Music Pier. (Fri., May,... Read More

Wall of Honor to be Updated During Memorial Day Ceremony in Ocean City

Information and plaques on The Wall of Honor at Veterans Memorial Park, 5th and Wesley Ave., will be updated during MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES, Mon., May 28 at 11 a.m. The Wall honors Ocean City residents who have sacrificed their lives in the service of the United States during World War I and II, the Korean War and Vietnam. Jim Houck, Past Commander and Judge Advocate of American Legion Post 524, has completed extensive research on those killed in action. He has authored a booklet with a history of each honoree’s service. The booklet will be given to those who attend the Memorial Day Ceremony. The booklet also contains an interesting history of the evolution of the Wall that dates back to 1879, the year Ocean City was founded. Houck and Bob Marzulli, Commander... Read More

Mother Day Concert Honors Memory of Esther Weil

(May 13) MOTHERS DAY has always been a special time in this family community and resort.  Mothers are and always will be the core of the family, the person who brought us into this world and nurtured us through childhood. No one felt more strongly about this than the late Esther Weil, the dynamic philanthropist who staged so many musical concerts in Ocean City often at her own expense. Esther was Ocean City’s Musical Mother who brought members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and great soloists like pianist Susan Starr to the Music Pier. Esther formed the Friends of Music Association at the Ocean City Arts Center and presented several hundred concerts at the Music Pier before she passed away. One of them was and is her free, annual Mothers Day Concert which... Read More

Popular Spring Block Party Set for May 5th

The City’s mile long SPRING BLOCK PARTY is set for Sat., May 5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from 5th to 14th Streets on Asbury Ave. Over 375 crafters will be featured along with plenty of food, entertainment and public service displays. There will be free pony rides for children on the Tabernacle Grounds, 6th and Asbury Ave., from 11 to 4 p.m. Entertainment is scheduled for those same hours. Parking will be free in downtown lots including the Transportation Center, 10th and Haven Ave., in back of McDonalds. There will be a charge for parking in lots by the Boardwalk. The Spring Block Party began 31 years ago when the City was beginning to expand its spring events. It started as a two block festival at 9th and Asbury... Read More

Martin Z. Mollusk Creeps Again – OC Hermit Crab Credits Diet for His Good Health and Longevity

Martin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s relatively famous hermit crab, will creep onto the 9th St. Beach at 11 a.m. on May 3rd for the 37th time. Why? Good question. If Martin sees his shadow, summer will come one week early to this family resort much to the joy of the business community, Chamber of Commerce and me, the crab’s spiritual advisor and chef. Martin celebrated his 101st birthday recently (in hermit crab years). Hermit Crab years are computed by the number of wrinkles on a crab’s outer shell, times 20 plus one. I know this because Martin told me so. I’m the only one who can communicate with him. We do it through a form of mental osmosis. Martin credits his longevity to the exotic diet I’ve created for him which consists of shredded... Read More

What’s Happening in Ocean City

CONSUL GENERAL OF PHILIPPINES VISITS CITY ON THURSDAY Consul General Mario De Leon, Jr. of the Philippines will visit Ocean City on Thursday (April 19) at 11 a.m. to confer with Mayor Jay Gillian. They will discuss final plans for Ocean City’s third annual Tribute to the Philippines in July and other cooperative tourism promotions. The Consul General will be accompanied by Consul Zaldy Patron and Ms. Hermie Aczcon, President of the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia.  The meeting will be held in the mayor’s office.  OCEAN CITY LEGENDS BOOK NOW AVAILABLE Local authors Fred and Susan Miller’s new book, Ocean City Legends, has just been released by Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, South Carolina.  “Legendary Locals” is filled with 180 photographs and focuses on newsworthy and noteworthy individuals and groups who have... Read More

Doo Dah is a Weekend of Events Celebrating Humor

If the old saying that “Laughter is the best medicine” is true, the upcoming Doo Dah Weekend in Ocean City will help you feel a lot better. And if you’re already feeling okay, it should make you feel really, really good! There’s a lot to smile, chuckle and laugh about: Events begin on Fri., April 13 with the hilarious Basset Hound Olympics set for 1p.m. on the Tabernacle Grounds, 6th and Asbury Ave. Some of the 600 basset hounds that will waddle during the Doo Dah Parade the next day will display their athletic prowess. Needless to say these loveable, floppy eared, pooches are not born athletes. But they try their best. They compete in dashes accompanied by their best friends who desperately attempt to inspire them. They approach hurdles and after... Read More

Doo Dah Comedy Show with Chuck McCann; Recap of Easter Events

Chuck McCann is a very talented and funny guy. He will be grand marshal of Ocean City' s Doo Dah Parade on April 14 and star of its annual comedy show April 13. McCann has been featured in just about every entertainment medium.

He has hosted syndicated TV Children's shows from New York. He has excelled in the lead roles of movies including The Night Is a Lonely Hunter and The Projectionist. McCann has also won five Cleos for writing and performing in outstanding commercials (one of which was selected over Michael Jackson's Pepsi spot). Chuck was the guy in the mirror in the memorable Right Guard Commercials. The voice behind many characters in Disney's animated cartoons and movies. He has been a guest star on dozens of network sitcoms.... Read More

Arlo Guthrie Concert Will Rekindle the Spirit of Woody

Producer Bob Rose has just released the names of two more shows for the City’s summer concert series. The current line-up now includes The Bacon Brothers (July 9), Arlo Guthrie and Family (July 16) Get the Led Out, America’s Led Zeppelin (July 23) the Charlie Thomas Drifters (July 30) Little Feat (August 20) and Mitch Ryder (August 27).  Additional shows will be announced at a later date. All programs are on Monday starting 8 p.m. at the Music Pier. Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.com. All of these concerts are outstanding, but the most meaningful for me will be Arlo Guthrie’s concert that will include Arlo’s children and members of the family. Arlo is the son of Woody Guthrie, the great American songwriter and political activist who died at an early age... Read More