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Earth Day Program Moved to City Hall Annex During Parade

The City's EARTH DAY CELEBRATION has been moved to the City Hall Annex Parking Lot, 901 Asbury Ave. The date has been changed to Sat., April 16th so that attendees can also enjoy the City’s 26th Annual Doo Dah Parade that will roll by the Annex Parking Lot at noon time. The Earth Day program will be held from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. before, during and after the Parade. It will include environmental displays, Green Giveaways, Children’s activities and entertainment. There is one other change in the Doo Dah Weekend Schedule. The HUMOR PROGRAM featuring internationally acclaimed humorists, Dr. Joel Goodman and Margie Ingram has been moved to the Ocean City Library, 17th and Simpson Ave. on Fri., April 15 at 2 p.m. Admission if free thanks to a grant from the Ocean City Free... Read More


In a quieter time, before World War II, we would chase the ice truck down Kerlin Street on steamy, August afternoons. When the truck stopped for a delivery, the driver would let us grab the small pieces of ice that littered the soaked floor boards of his well, worn vehicle. That ice belonged to us. There was never a question about it. It was the Diamond Ice and Coal Company’s contribution to the youth of the neighborhood. We would suck the cold chunks as they melted in our hands. It a good way to cool off and it was fun. There was even a competitive aspect. The kid who grabbed the largest chunk of ice was considered the winner of a make believe contest. We all understood that without speaking a word. There... Read More

Meadowlark Lemon to be Grand Marshal of Doo Dah Parade

Meadowlark Lemon, the world famous "Clown Prince of Basketball" and a NBA Hall of Famer, will be grand marshal of Ocean City’s Doo Dah Parade on Sat., April 16. He will also be guest of honor at a dinner theater program in his honor on Fri., April 15 at the Flanders Hotel. Tickets to this event will be available through the Public Relations Office, 609-525-9300. Meadowlark Lemon was the most popular member of Harlem Globe Trotters. His name and patented hook shot are ingrained in the memories of generations. He has performed his on court artistry in almost every country in the world. Meadowlark has traveled more than 5 million miles and played in more than 16,000 basketball games. His love for the game brought smiles to generations of fans in over 100... Read More

How Martin Mollusk Got His Name & Other Important Matters

Yes, Martin Z. Mollusk is not a mollusk. He is a Crustacean. We know that. Martin, our weather predicting mascot knows that. His name has nothing to do with his species. Martin’s biography, Rhyme and Punishment, makes it perfectly clear how and why Martin got his name. A bit of background: Martin was born somewhere along the Zambesi River in Africa. As the biography explains, he was deserted by his parents: “An orphan crab, cast out one summer, by callous parents, what a bummer… Just left alone to scritch and scratch through brittle bark and brutal thatch…” At this point Martin had no name because his crabby parents neglected to give him one before they took off. Then one day while reading the Swamp Gazette, he noticed an advertisement about Tepid Swamp,... Read More

Martin Z. Mollusk Gets a New Costume for First Night

For 35 years, our pesky hermit crab Mascot, Martin Z. Mollusk, has loyally served Ocean City. On the first Thursday in May, he ventures on to the Moorlyn Terrace Beach and attempts to see his shadow. If he does, summer arrives one week early at this family community and resort. A one week extension of the season is nothing to sneeze at in these competitive times. It’s a nice bonus for residents, vacationers, the kids and of course the business folk. No one can say Martin hasn’t come through for Ocean City. During his 35 year tenure he has seen his shadow 34 times. Once he saw a partial shadow and summer arrived 3 ½ days early. It has been an astounding record. For this reason the First Night Committee, the Chamber... Read More

Some Enchanted Evening is Night in Venice Optional Theme

The optional theme for NIGHT IN VENICE, Sat., July 24 is "Some Enchanted Evening." For the past five years we have suggested a theme. That’s because folks kept calling the Public Relations Office and asking for ideas. So we obliged. However you are free to use any theme you wish for the 56th annual Decorated Boat Parade and Bay front home competition. Everyone who enters receives a free commemorative mug. The mug was designed by Kathy Caraballo of Community Services. Sue Canale, our super volunteer, suggested the theme. Boat participants will receive their mugs at the Captain’s meetings held the night before and the day of the Parade. Those who enter bay front homes may pick them up at City Hall Annex, 901 Asbury Ave., call 609-525-9300. The Parade begins at 7:30 p.m. on... Read More

Really Big Fireworks July 4th! Balalaikas Here July 3

Highlight of our 4th of July celebration will be a REALLY BIG fireworks display on Sunday, July 4th at 9pm. The Fireworks will be shot from a barge off the 9th Street Beach. This permits the use of larger fireworks because they are not being detonated close to land. The exhibition will be accompanied by music and can also be heard by tuning into WIBG FM, 94.3 on the dial. The annual Air Circus Kite Flying Contest will be held starting 5:30 p.m. at the 9th Street Beach on July 4. There will also be a concert on the Boardwalk by the rock band Tidal Wave while the kites are flying. Prizes will be awarded for kites judged Most Patriotic, Largest, Smallest, Highest Flying, Best Homemade, Best Stunt Flyer, Youngest Flyer... Read More

What’s Happening in Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City's Seventh Annual TALENT SHOW is set for Sat., March 13 starting 6 p.m. at the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace. The event showcases outstanding area talent. Professional performers entertain between competitive categories. These categories include Instrumental, Vocal, Dance, Performance Art and Best of Show. Performers of all ages will participate. Professionals who will be featured but not compete include Elvis performer Ted Prior, Soprano, Nancy Fox, Irish performer, Frank McCall and singer Emily Carr. Admission is $5 with proceeds benefiting outreach programs of the Ocean City Fine Arts League and Ocean City special events. Another one of the City’s HUGE REGIONAL CRAFT FESTIVALS is set for March 27-28 at the Music Pier. The Spring Festival of Quality Crafts will feature leading artisans from Maine to Florida. Show hours are... Read More

Get in the Mood for Spring with the Air Force Band

It's March! Enough of this winter weather! Let's come out of hibernation and enjoy the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Jazz Band. They'll be here Saturday, March 6th. The 18 piece ensemble plays the music of the Big Band era, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie. They also perform contemporary jazz favorites some written by the members of the group. What better way to wipe out the winter blahs than with the warmth and rhythm of this great American music? Tickets to the concert are free. You can pick them up at City Hall Annex, 901 Asbury Ave. from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 609-525-9300.  If you can’t get to the Annex, there will probably be extra tickets available at the door after all ticket holders are let in. The concert is set for... Read More