Update on PPP

We are very pleased to report that by unanimous consent (no debate, no roll-call vote), the Senate just approved H.R. 7010, the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act. As you know, this bill will make a number of retroactive improvements to the PPP, including: 24-week covered period (instead of 8) 60/40 split (instead of 75/25) Loan forgiveness still possible if FTEs won’t come back, or if revenue in December is below Feb 2020 levels. Five year loan-repayment terms for future PPP loans Payroll tax deferment restored An analysis of how the bill would change PPP for current users can be found here. We expect it will be signed into law by the president very soon. As noted last week, getting the Senate to agree to anything unanimously is a challenge these days – and the unrest of this week raised the bar significantly. The... Read More

A Note from the Chamber

We are all eagerly waiting to return to regular business and realize it will not be a “normal” summer season. Our business community is strong, and working together, we will get through this. As we move forward to Stage II of opening, the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce maintains a strong working relationship with NJBIA and the NJ State Chamber of Commerce. We have been, and continue to, participate in more than a dozen meetings a week to lobby for a safe reopening for our members and all small businesses. We will continue to push for the support our businesses need. On Wednesday, June 3rd, Michele Gillian, Executive Director of Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce, testified for a hearing on New Jersey's reopening process hosted by Assembly Minority Leader Jon... Read More

NJ’s “Safe Play” Reopening Guidelines for Amusement and Attractions

NJ's "Safe Play" Reopening Guidelines for Amusements and Attractions For the Amusement/Attractions Industry, safety has always been and will continue be our #1 priority. It is the foundation upon which our businesses are built. While COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge with regard to both guest and employee safety, we believe our historic focus on safety positions us well to deal with and execute protocols to create and maintain a safe environment for all.  Please Click Her to Read  NJ's "Safe Play" Reopening Guidelilnes for Amusements and Attractions  ... Read More

Restaurants and retail owners struggled with PPP loans. But a fix may be on the way.

Restaurants and retail owners struggled with PPP loans. But a fix may be on the way.  By Andy Medici – Senior Staff Reporter, Washington Business Journal May 27, 2020, 1:59pm EDT Updated May 28, 2020, 2:46pm EDT Legislation to overhaul the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program — and make its numerous provisions friendlier to restaurants and retail shops in particular — passed the House of Representatives Thursday. The bipartisan Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act, introduced last week by Reps. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Dean Phillips, D-Minn., would extend the eight-week period under which loan recipients could spend the PPP money while helping fix other details that continue to bedevil small businesses in the hospitality realm. Some of those businesses, which often entail higher overhead costs and lower salaries, have struggled to rehire employees because their operations... Read More

Help us persuade Governor Murphy to open our attractions!

Help us persuade Governor Murphy to open our attractions. Here are the photos for the digital campaign. Please choose one to post on your social media pages and tag Governor Murphy. We want this to go viral! When you post, please use the following to get the attention out there: Twitter: @govmurphy FB - Governor Phil Murphy Instagram- #guvmurphy or @govmurphy ... Read More

Things to Consider When Planning a Beach Wedding

You've decided on a beautiful beach wedding because it's the perfect setting to celebrate your love. Crashing waves, warm sand and scenic views will all complement your ceremony, but you also want everything to go smoothly. However, before you set a date, there are some things you need to consider when planning a beach wedding. Plenty of factors go into a wedding, and when you get married on the beach, you have even more to consider. To create the perfect beach wedding checklist, consider these tips: 1. Get Beach Wedding Permits Depending on where you're getting married, you may need a permit for a beach wedding — this may depend on the size of your wedding, how long your ceremony will be and if you need to reserve a section of the beach. Don't set a date... Read More

Downtown Merchants Virtual Summer Kick Off!

The Downtown Merchants of Ocean City, NJ are once again going virtual! Be sure to check back for online shopping specials to see how you can support your favorite Asbury Avenue businesses! Specials are posted and last all weekend long during Memorial Day Weekend! Have friends that want to shop that are not on Facebook? No problem...have them visit the Blog...www.oceancityvacation.com/blog/summerkickoff         ... Read More

CDC Interim Guidance for Restaurants and Bars

INTERIM GUIDANCE FOR RESTAURANTS AND BARS This guidance provides considerations for businesses in the food service industry (e.g., restaurants and bars) on ways to maintain healthy business operations and a safe and healthy work environment for employees, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread for both employees and customers. Employers should follow applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and CDC guidance for businesses to plan and respond to COVID-19. All decisions about implementing these recommendations should be made in collaboration with local health officials and other State and local authorities who can help assess the current level of mitigation needed based on levels of COVID-19 community transmission and the capacities of the local public health and healthcare systems. CDC is releasing this interim guidance, laid out in a series of... Read More

Meal Planning For Your Beach Vacation

{ "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "BlogPosting", "mainEntityOfPage": { "@type": "WebPage", "@id": "https://www.oceancityvacation.com/blog/meal-planning-for-beach-vacation/" }, "headline": "Meal Planning For Your Beach Vacation", "description": "Meal planning has been a hot trend lately. So why not meal plan at your next beach vacation? It's more affordable and saves time.", "image": "https://www.oceancityvacation.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/01-Feature-5.jpg", "author": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Ocean City, NJ" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Ocean City Vacation", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "https://www.oceancityvacation.com/templates/oceancitynewjersey/images/logo.png", "width": 60, "height": 60 ... Read More