Where to View the Sunset and Sunrise in OCNJ

Where to View the Sunset and Sunrise in OCNJ

Most people enjoy looking at the gorgeous colors and awe-inspiring views of sunsets and sunrises. During a trip to the seaside, you can take sunset and sunrise viewing to the next level. On the beach, you can bask in the sensory experience of the waves crashing, the salty air on your skin and the colorful sky above.

This guide lists the top aesthetically pleasing sunset and sunrise viewing locations in Ocean City, N.J. These spots provide the perfect backdrop for special occasions or even your family’s annual summer vacation photo. If you want to impress your significant other, you can bring them to one of these locations to greet the dawn together or cap off a romantic date night.

Watch the Sunset in OCNJ

Watch the Sunset in OCNJ

Below is a list of some of the best Ocean City, N.J., sunset spots to check out! Whether you are by yourself or with others, these beautiful scenes will make an unforgettable memory.

1. Longport Dog Beach

This beach, located near the Longport Bridge, is perfect for those who want to watch the sunset in a more secluded setting. As its name suggests, Longport Dog Beach is a pet-friendly location where you can take your best friend with you to enjoy the views. If your dog is friendly and enjoys getting out to socialize, this is a perfect playdate place for them and you to catch up with fellow dog lovers. You can take your dog off-leash for swimming, playing and frolicking to your hearts’ delight. You can even plan to take a personal sunset photo shoot of your furry friend.

2. Corson’s Inlet State Park

This state park has plenty of areas to walk along and stop to watch the sun change colors in the sky as it sinks below the horizon. While you are here, there’s an excellent chance you will spot some wildlife, including various bird species such as the American Oystercatcher. Watching these shorebirds fly against a sunset backdrop creates picture-perfect scenery. In addition to the beach area, there are bridges you can cross and plenty of greenery. This spot will make you feel like you are on the set of a romantic movie scene.

3. The Ocean City Boardwalk

Whether you are visiting Ocean City on a family or friends trip or you happen to live nearby, going to the Boardwalk is something you should do at least once! Since the Boardwalk is 2.5 miles long, there are plenty of spots to stop and watch the sunset one evening. You can even make your Boardwalk experience even more exciting by riding the Ferris wheel while the sun is setting, sharing the moment with your significant other, best friends or family members. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset and surrounding ocean from high up in the sky!

4. The Fishing Pier

You and your fellow vacationers can walk along this pier while the sun is setting. The pier stretches out onto the ocean, and you can view the sky from all directions. If you have an angler in your group, they may enjoy fishing off the pier during the sunset. Some even more exciting news is that the Ocean City Fishing Club built an extension on the pier in 2021.

Watch the Sunrise in OCNJ

Below is a list of some of the best places to watch the sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey. Feel free to explore these beautiful locations.

1. Seaspray Beach

Located right off Gardens Parkway before the Ocean Drive Bridge, this smaller beach is a secluded spot to watch the sunrise, since it faces the perfect direction to see the sun light up the sky in the morning. Take in the morning breeze, sounds of nature and view the beach’s dunes and greenery.

2. Ocean City Boardwalk

Enjoy an early-morning walk or bike ride on the Boardwalk to stop and greet the new day. In the morning, you can take advantage of fewer crowds walking on the Boardwalk and the surrounding beach. This location is perfect for sunrises and sunsets, especially for those who are vacationing nearby.

3. Bayside Center Docks

Switch it up by visiting the Great Egg Harbor Bay. On the bayside, there are many docks and locations to stop along to watch the sunrise. The Bayside Center is a perfect spot to check out if you want to view the sunrise without getting all sandy in the morning.

Ideas to Maximize Ocean City Sunsets

Take your special someone to one of these highlighted Ocean City sunset locations for an evening and leave a lasting impression. Below is a list of a few sunset date ideas for you and your special someone.

Plan a Picnic

Grab a blanket and bring your favorite home-cooked meal or stop and get prepared meals from your favorite Ocean City restaurant. Bring along snacks such as a charcuterie board to enjoy. Painting is another option to consider on your sunset date. Gather some paint supplies and a small canvas to paint the sunset sky together as you watch it change colors.

Wait Until the Stars Come Out

Just because the sunset may be over, that doesn’t mean your date has to be. Watch the glittering stars come out, and see if you can identify any constellations.

Walk Along the Beach and Collect Seashells

Taking a walk along the beach as the sun is setting can be a relaxing time for you and your significant other. To make it more fun, you can look for beautiful shells to collect as a memory together or possibly use to make a one-of-a-kind craft.

Take Photos With Loved Ones

Whether you are on a sunset date with your significant other or on an annual family vacation, Ocean City, N.J., beaches are the perfect place to capture these moments through a lens. Take pictures of your special occasions to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

  • Annual family photos
  • Engagements
  • Gender reveals
  • Pet photos
  • Anniversaries
  • Promposals
  • Social media posts

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The beach is calling —‌ are you listening? Start planning your ultimate relaxing or thrilling beach vacation today! Ocean City has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an affordable family trip, a destination wedding or anything in between. Request your free vacation guide to turn your dreams into reality.

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